No more sims 3 from me, sorry guys…

I uninstalled the thing from my computer today, because I got so fed up with the unexpected crashes and “saving forevers”, I’m just not willing to waste my time on trying to solve this any more. It’s become ridiculous.

Playing TS3 on my new computer was so much fun, it ran smoothly and the graphics were excellent, but at some point something went wrong I guess, I couldn’t save properly any more and the game kept crashing in edit town, even after a factory reset, even without mods and CC. At some point I started to get worried I might damage my video card so I chose to uninstall the game. It’s just not worth the risk. (…and just so I won’t get tempted to re-install in the future, I also nuked my CC folders… all of them. Everything is gone. You download addicts know what this means… :/ )

I will definitely give TS4 a go, I’m very skeptical, but I have faith in our modders and CC creators :) I’m also a lot more curious than I’m willing to admit :)

So… yeah. I’m still around, I’ll still be posting stuff, and I’ll keep tagging everything properly because OCD and you can still download my lots if you want to.

And of course you can always unfollow, no hard feelings, or anything ;)

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Re-building Isla Paradiso.

-also, I can’t get enough of this editing style, I keep playing with it… I hope you are not sick of it -

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Now that everyone has the CAS demo, here is a brief instructional video on how NOT to play it. Featuring myself and simplicitysims.

Ps. Try watching it directly on youtube for less choppy subtitles but equally terrible content.

This just made my day… oh my god :’D

- the hysterical laughter in the background though -

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…and with this unfinished self-kinda-sim I think I am done with the demo.

…and with this unfinished self-kinda-sim I think I am done with the demo.

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89 Features Missing from The Sims 4


Thank you to Bflury on TS3 Forums for organizing this list! I fixed a lot of spelling/grammar/writing issues for you guys…enjoy!

Everything below has been 100% confirmed, excluding the final category.

This is a list of features that were COMPLETELY CUT or REDUCED from previous iterations of The Sims. It DOES NOT include missing expansion pack content that should be base by now (i.e. Weather) or new features promised for Sims 4 that were later cut (i.e. Woohoo Skill).

Lastly, it is important to understand that much of this content will NEVER be in The Sims 4. Things like Create a Style are not compatible with the game engine, and thus cannot be added in future updates or expansions.


  • No create a style (CAST) - NOT possible in future expansions (x) 
  • No modifications to world/public spaces - The park in the demo is a mix of a community lot and public space (x1) (x2) 
  • No “normal” careers - Law enforcementMedicalBusiness, etc. were removed (x)
  • No open world - You must incur a loading screen between each active lot; each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total (x1) (x2) 
  • No pools (x) 
  • No terrain tools other than paint; everything is perfectly flat (x) 
  • No story progression - Sims in the neighborhood age, but do not have children, get jobs, move, get married…etc. without player intervention (x) 
  • No toddlers (x)
  • No way to create/place new lots - And you only have 2 empty ones at the start of the game!
  • No Mac version of the game at release

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Babies in TS4:

"…Sims cannot walk around with them, and must complete all baby interactions at the baby’s bassinet."

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